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NL 1260004-03 Blue Check Splash Male, Full Brother to Ganus' ACES BEST National Ace Hen!! ACES BEST is on I-Pigeon closing 2/17/08 with an opening bid of $10,000 and a flash buy of $12,500!! More info on the I-Pigeon Auction is below!!

NL-1260100-03 Check Hen- ( 1ST ) NATIONAL ACE YOUNG BIRD W.H.Z.B. ALL HOLLAND ’03
Item #: 56735
Description: “ACE’S BEST” NL-1260100-03 Check Hen- ( 1ST ) NATIONAL ACE YOUNG BIRD W.H.Z.B. ALL HOLLAND ’03!! The Best Young Bird of All Holland against 40,000 Plus fanciers!! How many fanciers in the World have a 1ST National Ace!! Not Many!!! Here is your chance to own One of the Best in the World!! “ACE’S BEST” has bred Many Super Foundation Breeders!! Had her mated to a Brother to “MAGIC STAR” that was a Super Coupling!! “ACE’S BEST” IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL HEN!!! Strong Perfect Body – Medium in Size – Rich Red Eyes – One Pin Tail and a Family Full of Winners!! I would never sell “ACE’S BEST” or “CASANOVA” or “SPACE MAN” if they were Blue in Color, just need to keep what I like looking at and keep less birds so I have time to do more things. My Loss Your Gain!!!! I assure you 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction!!! Quality at the highest level!! Sincerely: Mike Ganus For this Valentine Day Special · The fancier that spends the most money in this auction receives a 5 bird young bird kit, my choice for free!! Will All Be Perfects!! · All Flash Buy purchaser receive a Janssen Bros. Book Free!! Plus birds will be shipped the following day so you can start breeding them!! · All birds in this Valentine Day Auction has been vaccinated for PMV-1 and Paratyphoid and are in Perfect Health~!! All birds are Top Quality!!!

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