NL 1237756-06 Blue Bar Hen, Direct Daughter of STAR RIDER & DIAMOND CRYSTAL - granddaughter of CREATOR, DORA, CREATOR's full brother ROCK SOLID, and DORA's full sister SPECIAL LADY!! This hen could possibly be the best bred hen of all the birds I own with a concentration of the CREATOR bloodlines unparallelled by none!

Her father STAR RIDER (DE SLIMME) has a great race record!! La Souterraine 2nd vs 9,512, Heverlee 17th vs 3,750, Creil 15th vs 2,028, Creil 7th vs 709, Etampes 5th vs 280. His parents CREATOR and DORA had great results: CREATOR Etampes 1st vs 6,989, Etampes 4 vs 4,852, Creil 5th vs 5,048, St Quentin 3rd vs 491, La Souterraine 71st vs 10,453! DORA Creil 2nd vs 5,131, St Quentin 3rd vs 4,214, Strombeek 5th vs 4195, Nijvel 27th vs 5,503, Morlincourt 103rd vs 14,320!!

Her mother DIAMOND CRYSTAL - NL 0377604-03 is a direct daughter of ROCK SOLID and SPECIAL LADY. She has a solid race record to including: Strombeek 25th vs 5,975, Hensies 26th vs 1,080, Chantilly 65th vs 2,272, Duffel 96th vs 1,266, Orleans 227 vs 2,252. Her grandfather ROCK SOLID has a super record: Creil 18th vs 7,224, Creil 2nd vs 752, Creil 4th vs 899, Morlincourt 5th vs 834, Houdeng 56th vs 8,102! Her grandmother SPECIAL LADY is race proven: Nijvel 21st vs 5,503, Strombeek 27th vs 5,671, Nijvel 4th vs 687, Reims 3rd vs 431, Morlincourt 311th vs 14,320!!