NL 1237730-06 Blue Bar Cock, Grandson of the CREATOR and DE KOPVLIEGER, sire of SUPER 718!! This combination was partially responsible for Wout Spierings results and the building of the reputation of the CREATOR Family. "730" when matured will be a medium size male, he has bright orange eyes. He is on his way to being a great bird!

The highlights of his father's race results are: Etampes 4th vs 5,996, Chatearoux 8th vs 8,605, Tours 4th vs 3,181, Creil 9th vs 5,952, St Quentin 2nd vs 881.

His mother was bred for stock, but her parents CREATOR and DORA had great results: CREATOR Etampes 1st vs 6,989, Etampes 4 vs 4,852, Creil 5th vs 5,048, St Quentin 3rd vs 491, La Souterraine 71st vs 10,453! DORA Creil 2nd vs 5,131, St Quentin 3rd vs 4,214, Strombeek 5th vs 4195, Nijvel 27th vs 5,503, Morlincourt 103rd vs 14,320!!

As you can see "730" is founded around flyers that win against big numbers of birds, that is what makes the CREATOR family so special, they are proven in the air!!

EXCALIBUR's mother in Wout's Final Auction: