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NL 0752128-06 Blue Bar Hen Granddaughter of DE KANJER 1st National Ace Young Bird All Holland WHZB. Great granddaughter or CREATOR!! She is bred closely around the family that spawned the birth of the CREATOR! Bred by Wout Spierings!

Her Father, TARZAN - (DIAMOND KING), NL 9857973-98 the highlights of his racing career include: Orleans 2nd vs 11,601 birds, Chantilly 20th vs 1,711 birds, St. Ghislain 51st vs 4,211 birds, Nijvel 95th vs 6,548 birds, Strombeek 112th vs 4,985 birds!!

Her Mother, NL 0377576-03 a full sister to BLEUS LEMANS and a direct daughter of National Ace DE KANJER, who is the best son of CREATOR!! The highlights of her racing career include: Creil 2nd vs 5,085 birds, Peronne 1st vs 1,021 birds, Hensies 68th vs 3,761 birds, Strombeek 242nd vs 5,975 birds, Orleans 705th vs 13,113 birds!!

WILDFIRE's Mother - A Full Sister to Bleus LeMans!!