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APHRODITE Goddess of Love and Beauty from Greek Mythology - NL 0468220-04 She is my #1 hen!! An absolute perfect hen, soft feather, supple breast, single pin tail, beautiful eyes, medium in size, absolutely my best!! She is a direct daughter of ROCK SOLID (CREATOR'S full brother) when mated back to a granddaughter of CREATOR!!! She has a race record very similar to the rest of the family; Creil 56th of 8,677 birds, Peronne 230th of 11,089 birds, Houdeng 43rd of 953 birds, Orleans 650th of 9,001 birds, Etampes 1013th of 13,483 birds. Mike, thank you for sharing this super fine hen with me, I'll take a dozen more just like her!!

APHRODITE's Mother - A Full Sister to Bleus LeMans!!