March 18, 2013
Misty Bleus is a super hen, small medium in size, well muscled!! She was originally purchased from Mike by my good friend Steve Royer. She was bred here for her first year and then Steve expanded his loft size to house her at his place so she has been there since. He recently offered her to me, how could I say no, she is a super hen, a super breeder for him breeding youngsters that are very competitive in races, now that he has them and with limited loft space, he chooses to continue to breed from those youngsters. I know they will continue Misty's legacy in the breeding loft!!

Misty will be mated to Romulus, direct son of Tiger Eyes & Silver Dollar to begin the year, they match up perfect!! Later in the year she will be moved to Spirit of LeMans, her half brother for some super breeders focused around the foundation male Bleus LeMans!! My introductory offer to all my friends will be $300 which includes your shipping, normal price will be $350 plus shipping so you can save yourself $100 by ordering early and prepaying for the youngsters, you choose which cock you would like!! Both cocks are orange eyed matching up the eyes just perfect with Misty!! Romulus will be mated to Misty through the end of May and then she will be switched to Spirit of LeMans!!