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SWEET BET - MISTLER 600-06 a double granddaughter of SURE BET and also a great-granddaughter of SURE BET, that's THREE times SURE BET is in this pedigree. SWEET BET's mother sold for $20,010 on I-Pigeon in January 2008!! SWEET BET's mother is a full sister to my SURE THING which leads to some super linebred youngsters when he is mated to SWEEET BET. SWEET BET is a true gem that takes after her grandfather in so many ways. A brilliant looking hen that is very observant in the loft!! She is a medium size hen that is a little longer cast, much like her uncle SURE THING! She has a tremendous well ventilated wing that is on the longer side of length, then there are her eyes, beautiful, rich broken orange eyes! She is a real super that will be an impact bird for my loft!!