Hi, my name is Jacob Deisher, I am the proud owner of JACOB'S WINGS LOFT
This is DEISHER 2240-11 a Blue hen my daddy bred for me.
She won at 100 miles on April 26, 2014, the first race of the year!!

I am now big enough that I help with the feeding of the birds and the mixing of the feed.
As I start my own breeding program in 2015 my first pair will include PIJ (aka FEATHER FOOT).
Bred by my Daddy's good friend Travis Sattler of Rapid City, South Dakota.
PIJ did very well in the Banks of the Wabash Challenge in 2014!!
She scored well on all the races and ended up (e)2nd Overall Champion Bird!!
She will be the foundation of my Feather Foot Family!!
When my daddy was just 10 years old he started a feather foot common pigeon family,
I want to follow in his footsteps but with highly prized racing homers!!

The Beginnings of My Family of Birds!!