Hi, my name is Heather Deisher. I enjoy breeding and racing pigeons along with my dad and brother Jacob!!
I love the many colors in my loft. They include, Grizzles, especially the White Grizzles, Recessive Reds &
Yellows and My Many Colors of Saddles!! In the photo with me is my 1st Place Grizzle from May 10, 2014!!
Her number is DEISHER 377-13. She won 1st Place at 200 miles!! I always want to beat my dad and brother
on race day!! Below you will find some of the birds I am breeding from this year, along with some that will be
on my race team this fall in 2014!!

The Many Colors I Love!!

Some of the Pretty Birds on My Race Team for 2014!!

Hi, my name is Jacob Deisher, she may beat me sometimes but I can have a winner too!!
This is DEISHER 2240-11 a Blue hen my daddy bred for me.
She won at 100 miles on April 26, 2014, the first race of the year!!