November 18, 2012
Last week when I received HEAVENLY DREAM I was super impressed, almost instantly I had a desire, a heart's desire, I had to have another double granddaughter of MONA LISA!! My thought was I have another direct son of MEMORIES, that being SPIRIT of LEMANS!! Why not have a 2nd double granddaughter to mate to him, then I can take each pairs kids and mate them together!! A true creation of a family!! I fired an email off to Mike with my request and nearly instantly came his response, of course he had a fine hen that would be just what I am looking for!! She came in on Friday and oh boy, when I opened the box I just about did back flips!! Truely my heart's desire had been filled. I would like to introduce you to HEART'S DESIRE!! An absolute gorgeous hen, small in size, perfect in everyway, exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you Mike for sending one of your best!!

A little history, we have all seen where Mona Lisa has been the granddam to perhaps 100s of winners, not only for Mike but for many others around the country!! Mona Lisa is off of PHANTOM & MEMORIES!! Undoubtly Memories has turned out to be the best breeder of all the Creator Family birds Mike brought over!! I want to concentrate the genes not only around Mona Lisa, but her mother Memories!! To do that I will mate her to Spirit of LeMans, my direct son of BLEUS LEMANS and MEMORIES!!

I would like to make an introductory offer to all my friends, the first 6 babies off this pairing will be sold!! I would normally be asking $500 each for these youngsters, but for the 1st six youngsters I will be offering them to my friends at $350 each, that includes the shipping when they are weaned. To take advantage of this offer you must prepay by December 15th to be included on the list for one of the first six. Of course I cannot guarantee the sex of the babies unless you want me to have them DNA'd. But I will have your babies hatched and weaned no later than early February, you'll get to watch your prized breeders grow up in front of your eyes through next spring and summer!!!

If interested, just drop me an email, I already have one spoken for, so do not hesitate as I would like to keep the 4th round for a special one loft race!! Thank you and good luck with your upcoming matings for 2013!!