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"DESTINY" GFL 914-04, a direct daughter of ROCKET when mated to JENNIFER, that makes her a full sister to ALL ALONE, 1st Place Royal Crown Classic Race 3 minutes ahead winning $50,000!! She has all the features of ROCKET, what a great eye, great body, great wing!! Her eyes are the most brilliant orange of any bird I have and the dilation and constriction is amazing!! Her body makes you melt!! Such full and supple breast muscle, the kind that makes you go weak in the knees when you first hold her!! It is no wonder her full sister was such a great racer!! My preferred matings for GFL 914-04 are to GFL 1300-05 SURE BET's son, GFL 1519-02 ROCKET's son (her half brother) and GFL 134-04 a grandson of ROCKET!