MIDAS - GFL 795-2007 Blue Bar Male, direct son of BLEUS LE MANS when mate to CREATOR's mother DAWN OF CREATION!! BLEUS LE MANS is a direct son of DE KANJER, making him a grandson of CREATOR!! BLEUS LE MANS mother is ECLIPSE, the single best handling hen of the CREATOR family bar none!! BLEUS LE MANS place 5th National Le Mans (350 miles) in 2005 vs 99,104 birds and 5th fastest of over 120,000 birds released!! He also won many other prizes including 25th Creil 7,892 birds, 31st Creil 6,747 birds, 20th Hensies 3,761 birds, 32nd St Quentin 3,065 birds, and 47th Heverlee 3,750 birds!! BLEUS LE MANS' father DE KANJER was himself 1st National Ace All Holland 2002!!