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DELILAH - GFL 734-07 direct daughter of TIGER EYES & LADY ELECTRIC!! TIGER EYES winner of 43 top prizes, one of the CREATOR Family's greatest fliers!! LADY ELECTRIC is CREATOR's nestsister, the hottest family of birds on the planet and DELILAH has two of the best as her parents!! DELILAH is a beauty of a hen, a medium size hen with the complete package, super bouyant body, well muscled, tight vents, strong back, full wide, well ventilated flights, a super, very clever looking eye, you could not ask for any better from the CREATOR Family! She is from one of Wout's and Mike's favorite matings!! She is a full sister to TWILIGHT, advertised in the March 15, 2008 issue of the Digest!! TWILIGHT had a terrific race record 4th Creil 7892 birds, 4th Heverlee 3752 birds, 18th Orleans 2252 birds, and 39th Houdeng 1211 birds, she was 5th Ace Young Bird and has already bred 5 First place winners for Wout, she now resides in the USA at Ganus Family Lofts!! DELILAH will prove that she to can breed winners!!