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DIAMOND RING'S GIRL GFL 449-05, direct daughter of BLUE STEEL and DIAMOND RING!! BLUE STEEL was 2nd National Ace 2004 Young Birds All Holland WHZB and DIAMOND RING was 1st National Ace 2004 Young Birds All Holland WHZB, what a phenomenal mating!! DIAMOND RING is CREATOR's Granddaughter!! DIAMOND RING'S GIRL was purchased at the same time as I purchased AVIATOR'S PRINCE, at the time the best two pigeons I had ever owned, he still is the #1 male and it really is a toss up for the #1 hen between APHRODITE and DIAMOND RING'S GIRL!! She is a medium size hen that is so full bodied it bulges from each side of her keel! When mated to SUPER ROCKET who is also built this way the young are growing up to handle the exact same way as the parents, this could be my greatest mating to date!! She will prove out to be a true foundation hen!