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AVIATOR'S PRINCE GFL 431-05, the best handling male in my loft, bar none!! In the spring of 2006 I made one of my monthly visits to Mike's, this time to pick birds up for a friend. I had worked a deal with Mike to buy for my friend a very special pair, a direct son of AVIATOR and a direct daughter of DIAMOND RING, little did I know what I was in store for! Upon arrival Mike goes to one of his individual breeding pens and pulls out a male, it was AVIATOR'S PRINCE, then he steps into the holding pen where he keeps the hens he breeds from, and out comes a mate for this male, the daughter of DIAMOND RING!! Through a series of misfortunes my friend is unable to take this pair once I get them for him, so I pay for them, and that was gladly pays for them!! AVIATOR'S PRINCE is the BEST bird I had ever seen leave Mike's loft, and in my opinion, be it a little biased, is still the best handling bird I have seen leave Mike's loft!! Bred from Olympic Pigeons he is the CROWN JEWEL of my loft!! He is absolutely perfect in the hand with a brilliant orange eye! He is inquisitive, a master of his space and his hen!! He is his father's son in every aspect, although a bit bigger which is good as AVIATOR is on the small side!!