Here I go again, thank you Bob Hathcock, I think it is Bob's mission to make sure I have the best family of direct children of ROCKET in the nation! ROCKETMAN arrived on April 10, 2008, and oh boy, what a bird with a full body where the muscle bulges from the keel!! And an orange eye that you would swear sees through to your soul, it is that intense. He is second to none in my loft! With his breeding of ROCKET on DIAMOND SISSI there is no bird out there with more breeding potential than ROCKETMAN!! He is not only a half brother to DESTINY, they both have WITTENBUIK on the mother's side of the family tree, how can you beat the best of Gaby Vandenabeele behind the hens side!! The youngsters from ROCKETMAN and DESTINY should be unreal!! I look forward to these inbred ROCKET youngsters!!