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Early in 2005 I developed a real passion for the ROCKET and called Harold to check with Mike to see what he had. Harold calls back and says Mike has five direct sons of ROCKET and I could have my pick!! Harold describes the five one of which he says has a lot of white in it. My response was "Harold do not bring me back the one with all the white in it!" Harold gets to Mike's to look these five males over and calls me direct from the loft. He describes them and my response was once again the same, but he continues on about how much better the one with the white in it is over the other four, after 15 minutes I finally give in and tell Harold just to bring me back the BEST male. The ending result is SUPER ROCKET, fondly referred to by Harold and I as WHITETAIL!! WHITETAIL is a real super, my #1 foundation breeding male, he is small to medium in size, great orange eye, a body that just will not quit, he is full bodied even after pumping a nest of babies! He is not only off the ROCKET but has THE DREAM as a mother making him half Hofkens!! His young fly super, in 2005 his first year of breeding FAST CASH, his son, was second high point bird in the Lou McElroy One Loft Races! His young are the same as their father, full bodied, great wing, strong backs, tight vents, just beautiful birds!!With a foundation Hofkens hen combined with a National Ace like ROCKET you just can't go wrong!!