In the fall of 2006 and erly 2007 as the World Ace Challenge was finishing up and the birds were being auctioned off I studyed the pedigrees of all birds with GFL backgrounds. The 5th and 95th bird overall had the same pedigrees and their grandfather was GFL 1382-02, the bird I now call TOP DOLLAR'S PRINCE. I had a daughter of TOP DOLLAR & CLASSIC WINNER (GFL 1298-05) that had raised 2nd high point bird in the Lou Race One Loft Races. Another son of TOP DOLLAR & CLASSIC WINNER had sold on I-Pigeon for $2,500+, then I get word that Mike had sold TOP DOLLAR for $20,000!! So when GFL 1382-02 appeared on I-Pigeon I was all over him. Thank you Warren Glover for making him available, he is foundation quality!! I have a couple in Vegas in 2007 off of him as that is where TOP DOLLAR & CLASSIC WINNER's children have done so well with an equal 1st in 2006 at the Vegas Classic and winning over $74,000 for Mike's partner at the race a few years back!! TOP DOLLAR'S PRINCE is one super bird and you can tell by his photo how much he resembles his grandfather TOPO!! He will be changing the results of one loft races I enter for years to come!!