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On my trip to Mike's house in late December 2006 I had made up my mind I was coming home with the most special bird I have ever owned. To get this bird I knew it had to be a sneak attack on Mike, as he always hides the very best that he has bred!! So when Harold and I arrive I make the big announcement, "Mike I want the very best SURE BET male that you own!!". His response as I expected, "I don't have any here". Well after much debate of whether he had any here or not and handling a SUPER little SURE BET hen, he admits that he has a full brother to her, but it's at a friend's house(Mike's terminology for being hid). Mike says he can have him here when he gets back from his Europe trip at the end of January.

To give him adequate time to "find" him I waited until February 1, 2007 to pick him up!! He is the most special bird I own, without any reservation!! He will be mated to my very best in 2008!!

Direct Children starting at $1000.

On January 20, 2008, SURE THING's full sister GFL 412-2005 was sold on I-Pigeon and brought the owner Steve Mistler a record $20,010 for a direct inbred child of SURE BET, click on her image to see the sales page from I-Pigeon:

GFL 412-2005