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"CHEYENNE" GFL 1272-04 is a granddaughter of HOLLYWOOD when mated to GOLDEN HOFKENS and IKON when mated to WALLY'S GIRL, making her a Great Granddaughter of BLUE MIRACLE.

HOLLYWOOD winner of: 1st National Ace, Old Male, N.P.O.. All Holland '97 --1st Ace Pigeon 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997!!-- --34 prizes in the top 5 places!!-- --14 times 1st Club!!--

"GOLDEN HOFKENS" foundation breeding hen for Mike Ganus. "GOLDEN HOFKENS" is a full sister of “TOPMAN”, the Kleine Merckx Hofkens line.

IKON winner of: 1st World Champion, V.L. 1996 1st Middle Distance National Ace N.P.O. 1996 1st Middle Distance National Ace Vredesduif 1996

WALLY'S GIRL direct daughter of BLUE MIRACLE when mated to GRANGER'S DIAMOND. Foundation breeding hen for Mike.

BLUE MIRACLE was one of the greatest Janssen racing pigeons in the world. Winning 13 x 1st place wins, no doubling, plus four 2nd Place wins against hundreds to thousands of birds. Winning from 100 to 250 miles, head or tail winds, it didn't matter. He won every championship from short distance to all distances, against more than 750 lofts. During his four years of racing Blue Miracle ruled the skies.

Opening Bid was $350

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