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WINNERS from 2011

My good friend Dave Flanigan of the Greater Akron Racers up by Cleveland, OH proved that is does not take but a couple birds bred by Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts to help your final results!! Dave was handling two birds I bred for the GNEO Futurity Race, GNEO 44 and GNEO 134. GNEO 44 was bred for Bob Tauscher and entered in his name, then GNEO 134 was entered in my name. Dave really showed his expertise in training and conditioning the birds each week of the race season. In the end Dave finished the season with the Champion Young Bird, 1st Average Speed and 2nd Champion Loft!! #44 was 6th Champion Bird and #134 was 13th Champion!! #134 scored an equal 1st, clocked 3rd at 200 miles vs 344 birds and 22 lofts!! At 300 miles #44 & #134 were Dave's first two birds back to the loft clocking 10th & 11th respectively vs 213 birds and 18 lofts!! Congrats Dave on a fantastic race season!!