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I have spent many years and countless trips traveling back and forth to Mike Ganus' Loft to select from the finest breeders in the world!! I have also used these hand selected birds to trade with friends to hopefully improve my breeding loft and refine the direction and families of birds that I currently have. Below you will find a link to each one of these special families of birds, each year they produce numerous winners not only for me, but for the breeders and flyers who purchase their young. In 2009 we really started seeing top results coming in from around the United States! Good luck to all of you in the coming breeding and racing seasons!!

1st Place PAOF Futurity - Central Jersey Combine
729 Birds - 84 Lofts - 350 Miles - Winning by 9 minutes
Flown By Gapview Loft - Howard Baker

Black Widow Family
Creator Family
Sure Bet Family
Silver Boy Family
Rocket Family
Phantom & Fieneke Family
Hollywood Family
Black Rain Family
Other Families

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