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BARNABY - ELL 142-04, a real super, direct son of my BEST WHITE EAGLE hen, WHITE ANGEL ELL 31-04. He will be one of the best in your loft, his grandfather is WHITE EAGLE!! He has been in the breeding pens since 2005 and with limited space there is no reason to waste by letting him sit in the holding pen so I will share him with you. You won't be sorry, he is a medium sized, orange eyed, with a strong back and single pin tail!! If you are serious about breeding WHITE EAGLE grizzles you should own this guy, you won't be sorry!! I will send you the original Harold Lamons pedigree along with the one below.

WHITE ANGEL ELL 31-04 direct daugher of WHITE EAGLE, the best grizzle Harold ever owned. WHITE ANGEL is by far the best grizzle Harold ever bred, the Pair One confirmation in a grizzle!!

WHITE EAGLE GFL 1091-02 grandson of WHITE HORSE when mated to ZOONTJENS BEST and GOLDEN WITTEN when mated to his daughter DAISY. WHITE EAGLE is the foundation cock for Lamons' Grizzles. WHITE EAGLE is the sire and grandsire to countless winners, a true foundation breeder.

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