I bought BLACK MAGIC back in the fall of 2010 as a young cock, therefore 2011 was wasted in trying to mate her to another hen!! 2012 was a wasted year in my battle with cancer, she sat in the hen pen while I was waiting for him/her to find a hen she would mate too!! Then in 2013 I put an extra cock in the hen pen and low and behold BLACK MAGIC took him and laid a set of eggs!! I thought I was seeing things!! I threw the eggs away, I knew they had to be some other hens!! 2 weeks later another set of eggs show up, and this time I take notice. Soon I move BLACK MAGIC to WIDOW'S BET's pen and I soon started getting eggs and raising babies. Throughout 2014 she has been one of my most productive hens, she has been on 3 cock birds now and I have bred 10 babies off her!! All coming very powerful birds!!

BLACK MAGIC's full sister was the mother to RED ROCK WIDOW!! Red Rock Widow was a fantastic racer in the RED ROCK 330 One Loft Race Series. She ended the series at 1st Average Speed and clocked 1st on the final 330 mile race!! One of the cock's BLACK MAGIC has been mated to this year is WIDOW'S LUCKY BOY, the father to Red Rock Widow!! I am in hopes of recreating many more Red Rock Widows!!