January 9, 2013
AMADEUS - Direct Son of DE SUPER 718 & SILVER DOLLAR, grandson of CREATOR and DORA!! He is the full brother to Wout Spierings Ace Youngster BOLIDE(Boomerang) in his Combine of 250 members in 2006, winning 23 prizes!!

His father DE SUPER 718 has a race record that is unmatched. Over his racing career he won 70 prizes including the following: Creil 4th vs 4,679, Peronne 1st vs 697, Chantilly 12th vs 5,615, Creil 14th vs 6,336, Etampes 5th vs 2,210!!

His mother SILVER DOLLAR (SILVER GIRL) is a direct daughter of CREATOR and DORA!! She was lightly flown: Etampes 18th vs 17,487, Creil 44th vs 6,410, St Ghislain 47th vs 3,331. Her parents CREATOR and DORA had great results: CREATOR Etampes 1st vs 6,989, Etampes 4 vs 4,852, Creil 5th vs 5,048, St Quentin 3rd vs 491, La Souterraine 71st vs 10,453! DORA Creil 2nd vs 5,131, St Quentin 3rd vs 4,214, Strombeek 5th vs 4195, Nijvel 27th vs 5,503, Morlincourt 103rd vs 14,320!!

AMADEUS's Full brother BOOMERANG(BOLIDE) was purchased by Mike Ganus in the Wout Spierings's Final Auction in December 2008 for 7800 Euros, nearly $10,400, the 2nd most paid for a bird in the auction!! A racing phenom, checkout his record below, unparelled by any other bird in Wout's Final Auction, no wonder Mike had to have him!!

Foundation of the CREATOR Family

Full Brother to Faith & Amadeus