The Red Rock 330 Race Winners are Home!! Saturday the box containing the race winners arrived. In the box was also the 1st Average Speed bird bred by my good friend Don Holum from Alaska!!
His name - ALASKA DREAM - was also =1st on the final race and ended up 1st Average Speed by 20 minutes!! My interest in him - his background also includes BLACK WIDOW!! Super Black Widow Family!! Three years in a row the Black Widow Family has produced the winner at the Red Rock 330 One Loft Series, they absolutely love the north course down through Utah!!

From the Red Rock 330 Official Website: Published March 9, 2014 | By Randy Campbell
Flyers: Todays race speeds where faster than I would like to have seen them, but thatís pigeon racing. We had a little clocking problem with the first 9 birds. There were 6 that came together maybe 10 to 15 seconds ahead of the next three, but there was no way to distinguish for SURE who they were as the last three actually landed the same time on the landing board as the other were coming off the roof. So it was decided to count them all as the drop. I believe everyone there agreed with that. Those first 9 were herded into one section so there was no mistaking who they were. I didnít have the clock set right (my fault) so those first 9 were scanned again and does not reflect the actual clocking order, and thankfully, it did not affect the average speed winners.

Race Manager Randy Campbell and ALASKA DREAM after his
Equal 1st Place at the Red Rock 330 and 1st Avg Speed Win!!!!