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Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts' goal for 2006 was to get as many birds as possible out into Money Races. In the end we sent out 120 birds to 15 different races. As soon as results come in they will be posted here on this page.

2006 Money Race Results

Money Races Entered:

The World Ace Challenge
The Lou McElroy One Loft Race-4 Race Series
The Illini One Loft Race
The Gulf Coast Homing Club Auction Race
The GNEO Futurity Race & Auction Race
The Miami Valley Sportsman Club Futurity
The West Central Indiana RPC Futurity
East Meadows Futurity
Ft. Wayne Memorial Futurity
The Central Illinois Combine Auction Race
IN-OH Combine Auction Race
Central Ohio Combine Futurity
GMF Futurity
Ironman One Loft Race

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