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1940s in the City


Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, 1942
--sometimes the city can be the loneliest place of all


Blizzard in New York City, 1947

Oklahoma City

If any city exemplified the energy and vitality of America during the 1940s, it was New York. It was the Wonder City, the Radio City, the true melting pot. It was the Statue Of Liberty, Times Square and the Empire State Building. It was Radio City Music Hall and Broadway. It was nightclubs and baseball games, hot dogs and egg creams.

New York City Postcards
Times Square
New York Egg Creams
Empire State Building

Manhattan skyline, 1940

When you needed to "get away from it all,"
you went up to the roof. It was another world up there....
a place for throwing dice with the guys, cultivating
a flower-pot garden, sitting with your sweetheart,
or getting a "tar beach tan."

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