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Lillian 03-04-2008 - ADOPTED!!!

 -Rescue Girl-



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 3 - 4 Million cats and dogs are euthanized by shelters each year.
-The Humane Society of the US




      My name is Laura and I started animal rescue back in middle school.  I am now 18 and attend Longview Community College while working in retail part time to support my animals.  I mainly rescue dogs but also cats horses and goats as long as space and money is available. 

      I have two dogs of my own.  Andy is an Australian Shepard mix and Blue is a black lab mix.  Both had traumatic pasts but are now wonderful members of the family.  Scottie is my 20 year old Appaloosa horse that I got in the Spring of 2008.  He was 400 lbs underweight when we got him and had just lost vision in one eye. 

      Please take a look around and feel free to email me at

        Much Thanks,


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