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Reno Roads: The Roads of Reno

July 1, 2006

Welcome to RenoRoads - the website dedicated to the highways in and around Reno, Nevada. I am Jason, your host along this journey. In time, there will be more information presented here, such as a complete listing of current and past highway designations around Nevada. This site may also become a focus page for Silver State Roads, a future project which will revolve around all of Nevada's state highway system. But now, it's just Reno.

I have always had a fascination with the open road, as well as those lost footnotes and interesting factoids in history. I have found that roadgeeking satisfies both of those passions. I love being able to look at a road and wonder where it has been, where does it go, and where did it come and go before. My love of travel and driving helps me to answer these questions and more, and the answers I have discovered I will hope to share with you on this site.

I originally started work on a similar-themed site: ORoads: The Roads of Oregon, in honor of my home state. However, seeing as how I now live in Reno, I thought that a separate focus site on this fine city would be a good thing to accomplish. Reno is the gateway to the high desert along old US-40, the Lincoln Highway. The city, like the state, has roots in American folklore and history, from the Donner party to legalized gambling. Its roads are also a part of that history and shape it today.

The goal of this site is to catalog all of the highways that have existed, do exist, or will exist in the city of Reno and outlying areas. I will include the current and the former, the temporary to the permanent, primary to alternate, necessary to get the idea. My goal is information, information that I wish to share with all of you.

I might add that at present, while uniformly laid out in primary, secondary, and tertiary route numbers by county, Nevada's highway system is a mess, in my opinion. Some roads are under state maintenance, but only for a short stretch (0.1 miles or less). Some state highways end where another highway begins for no reason at all. Some highways are signed three different numbers in the field. Others are sliced, diced, decommissioned and/or isolated from its other sections. Still others are "forgotten children," with not even a shield or milepost to their name. My second goal, after providing the information, is to untangle the web of highways in and around Reno.

So, stay tuned, because I'm going to have some good research and field notes ahead. If you would like to help with either information, new/old photos, or both, send me an e-mail (replacing "$" with "@") and let me know. I'd love the help, and I'll credit you for the tip.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the site!