Power Pulling Productions LLC
Unlimited Open Farm

6500lbs max tire24.5-32 *(20.8-38 accepted at 6500 lbs)*

7000lbs max tire 18.4-38

All one class

Cage or Roll bar

Harness or seat belt

Wheelie bars

Full frame or tie bars

Steel flywheel-clutch set up

Safety blanket

Kill switch-air (guillotine) and fuel shut off (fuel dump or three way valve)

Side shields .060 thick

*** 360 degree shield around stock harmonic balancer (if you are running belts for the alternator or water pump then a 1/8 plate directly below the balancer from side to side of frame must be present)***

3/8 cross bolts in exhaust pipe minimum grade 5 Turbo’s out of the hood must be covered with at least .060 sheet metal

***Mandatory 3/8 cable around block and head with 6” minimum overlap of cable with 2 clamps***

***No metal fans Must be electric***

****Helmet/ fire protection (coat-gloves-fire shoes or leather boots)****
Must be a transmission and rear end of a farm tractor……

No component tractors

114” wheelbase- 13ft from center of back axle to the furthest point forward not including the tow hook

Hitch must be at least 18” from center of the back axle and be ridged in all directions. Any agricultural V8 diesel is acceptable (3208 cat or a Perkins)

No Automotive V8 engines