1. This class is for STREET LEGAL and STREET LICENSED semi trucks

  2. All entries must be a Street Licensed Semi Truck. The owner must furnish a current registration card for the vehicle at the time of registration and the driver must have a valid CDL license. Truck must be capable of pulling a trailer on the highway . Trucks may be hauled to the pull for this class.

  3. The use of air bags is permitted. However no air may be added to or removed from the air bags while the truck is hooked to the weight transfer machine. The height of the hitch must remain the same from start to finish. Any change in the hitch height will be cause for disqualification.

  4. The truck shall appear 'road ready'. No added weight or ballast is permitted. Special trucks, such as oil field trucks that carry additional weight that is not normally found on a 'road ready' truck are not permitted in this class. The promoter may weigh any truck at any time. Trucks with triple (3) rear axles are not permitted to participate in this class. Trucks found to be over 20,000 pounds will be disqualified. No refunds of any nature will be honored for a disqualification.

  5. Chaining or blocking of drive axles is not permitted.

  6. A single turbo-charger is the maximum permitted.

  7. No ether, alcohol, nitrous or other combustible (propellant) liquid or combustible material may be injected into the turbo-charger or any part of the air intake system.

  8. Only the fuel that was originally intended for that engine may be used.

  9. Drivers are urged to use a seatbelt and/or shoulder harness when hooked to the sled.