Pro Street Diesel Trucks

  1. Class will run at 8000 lbs. Bodies must remain stock appearing with fire wall intact.

  2. Maximum wheelbase permitted 158”.

  3. Maximum engine size will be 460 cubic inches. Engine must come from factory in one ton or smaller pickup truck. Engine must remain in stock location as intended by manufacturer.

  4. Hook point must be no closer than 48” of centerline of rear axle, hitch height maximum of 26”, with a minimum of a 3” opening. Hitch point must be easily accessed. No “trick” type hitches permitted. Hitch must be stationary in all directions.

  5. Vehicles are limited to 2 turbochargers only. Single turbos are unlimited. For multiple turbos, the inducer bore on the atmosphere compressor housing(s) may be no larger than 3.0 inches measured at the smallest diameter area of the compressor wheel. A bushing may be used to downsize the compressor housing ahead of the wheel. If a bushing is used, it must be round, at least 3/4 inches long, mounted within 0.050 inch of the compressor wheel, and the inside diameter of the bushing may not exceed 3.0 inch limit. The inducer bore will be measured using a 3.05 inch plug. All privisions allowing air to the wheel other than via the bore are prohibited.

  6. Exhaust must exit straight up, with (2) -3/8” inch bolts mounted in a cross pattern.

  7. No cast iron clutches or flywheels permitted.

  8. Fuel safety kill and/or air shutoff must be installed on rear of truck. Kill switch will be securely mounted to the back of the vehicle and have a two (2) inch diameter ring to attach the sled.

  9. Fuel tanks and batteries may be moved but must be secuely mounted. Fuel tanks, fuel lines and batteries are NOT permitted in cab of pulling vehicle.

  10. Computer chips and boxes permitted.

  11. Stock appearing injection pump required.

  12. Mechanical or electronic fuel injection permitted.

  13. Must be D.O.T. approved tire. Maximum tire height 36”. No studded tires or chains. No alteration to tires allowed. No bar or terra tires. Dual rear wheels are permitted.

  14. Water injection permitted.

  15. Front weights must be no more than 60” from the center line of the front axle to forward most point and be securely fastened.

  16. Fuel limited to Diesel fuel and Bio-diesel only. No alcohol, nitrous, propane or any oxygen enhancing agents allowed.

  17. Drive train will consist of the following: Any front axle, any transfer case, any rear axle. No planetaries permitted.

  18. Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060” thickness steel or aluminum. Shield not to be mounted to axle ends or hub bolts. A hole may be cut in one to allow locking in of hubs.

  19. S.F.I Bell housing Blankets and/or S.F.I Blow proof Bell housings required

  20. All U-joints must be shielded 360 degrees with 3/8” thick aluminum or 5/16” thick steel. Shield will be 6 inches long minimum and centered on U-joint. Inside diameter of shield will no more than 2 inches larger than U-joint.

  21. All intermediate shafts between the transmission and transfer case will be totally enclosed in 3/8” aluminum or 5/16” steel, Ό of shaft may be visible.

  22. Suspension modifications are permitted. Removable suspension blocks are permitted.

  23. Fire Extinguishers, helmets, and seatbelts required.

  24. Trucks may be trailered to the event.

  25. Rules as written will be in effect through the 2007 season.