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Don and Scharmal Conley's Homepage

Photo Album

Conley and Related Families:

Willis "Bill" Bennett Ezra Conley Family 1926 Agnes Conley
Agnes Conley and Father James Albert Conley Agnes Conley and James Chadwick Agnes Conley and Willis "Bill" Bennett
Agnes Conley and Unknown Agnes Conley 14 Yrs old Agnes Conley
Belvia Bennett Bill Chadwick Bob and Willis "Bill" Bennett as children
Byron Bennett and Gladys Conley Byron Bennett and Child Byron Bennett
Byron, Howard, Frank Bennett Byron Bennett, Willis "Bill" Bennett and Willis Asel Bennett Clyde Albert Conley about 1 yr old
Clyde Albert Conley, young Clyde Albert Conley, Father James Albert Conley, Grandfather Ezra Conley Clyde Conley and Alta Fravel on their Wedding Day 16 Feb 1929
Clyde Conley and Dog Clyde Conley about 13yrs old Clyde Conley, Alta Fravel Conley, Winn Lyons, Mabel Fravel Lyons
Dorothy May and Donald Harrison Conley Gladys Conley Bennett, Byron Bennett, Willis "Bill" Bennett Gladys Conley and Byron Bennett 1918
Gladys Muriel Conley Bennett Gladys Muriel Conley and Byron Ellsworth Bennett on Wedding Day James Albert Conley and Clara May Burkhart
James Albert Conley Ruth Bennett and Agnes Conley Willis Albert "Bill" Bennett 5 yrs old
Willis Asel Bennett and Ida Lorena Poore Bennett Willis "Bill" Bennett, Clyde Conley. Bob Bennett  


Fravel and Related Families:

Alta May Fravel Alta May Fravel Amzie Oral Fravel and Wife Emma Etta Brown Fravel
Francis Ella Fravel Jack Fravel John Henry Fravel son of John A. Fravel
William Henry Fravel and 2nd Wife Elizabeth Crawford Conley William Henry Fravel Alta Leverta Fravel 3 yrs old
Alta Leverta Fravel and Louis Fravel 1916 Alta Leverta Fravel 1946 Alta Leverta Fravel 1977
Alta Leverta Fravel Charles Edward Fravel Charles William Fravel and Wife Gertrude Phillips
Charles William Fravel Jack, Charles "Chub", Thoren Fravel Charles "Chub" Fravel
Frank Fravel and Daughter Lillian Fravel Fravel's in Portland, Oregon Glenn Edward Fravel and Wife Grace Phillips
House where John Henry Fravel was born Jack Fravel Jack Fravel
John A. Fravel and Wife Rebecca Dooley John Henry Fravel and Brother George McClellan "Mack" Fravel John Henry Fravel, Wife Lillie May Carroll Fravel, Son Charles William Fravel, Gertrude Phillips Fravel and their 3 sons
John Henry Fravel Grace Clemens Fravel, Mabel Fravel Lyons, Frank Fravel, Winn Lyons Lillian Fravel Daughter of Frank Melvin Fravel and Grace Clemens Fravel
Lilly May Carroll Fravel and her Children Lilly May Carroll Fravel, John Henry Fravel and Daughter Mabel Fravel Lilly May Carroll Fravel, Oria Fravel, Mabel Fravel
Lilly May Carroll Fravel Frank Fravel family and Clyde Conley Family Mabel Fravel and Winn Lyons Wedding Picture 14 June 1910
Martha Wickman wife of Raymond John Fravel Oria Fravel and Friend Oria Fravel when young
Raymond John Fravel when young School that Amzie Oral Fravel Attended near Corydon, Indiana Unknown (Found among Lilly May Carroll Fravel belongings)
William English Fravel and Wife Sarah Denbo William Henry Fravel 1925 Rebecca Francis Gray Carroll
Ray, Frank, Glenn, Charles Fravel Before 1947 Cecilia Fravel Emery Fravel and son William Fravel
Ethel Fravel about 1892 Ira Fravel William Edward Fravel
John Louie Fravel and Wife Eva Oscar Fravel and Wife Lulu  
Andrew Jackson Spore Alice Adeline Fravel Spore Joseph Millard Spore
Minnie Ellen Spore Ada Ann Spore John Horace Spore
Nettie Lucinda Spore William Orville Spore Elsie Olive Spore







Jordan and Related Families:

Luther Walter Wilcox Marvin Otto Jordan and Treva Bandy on Wedding Day Mary Elizabeth Carroll Jordan and Children
Anna Jordan Smith Gage "Grandma Gage" Charles Green Jordan, Wife Mary Elizabeth Carroll Jordan and her Brother Edward B. Carroll James Cunningham Jordan

James Cunningham Jordan (Older)

Jordan Family Unknown Jordans William Henry Jordan
Wanda Uldene Jordan and Luther Walter Wilcox Wanda Uldene Jordan Wanda Uldene Jordan Wilcox Tombstone
Alfred Sherry & Daughter Elva Irene and Wanda Uldene Jordan Tombstone of James Cunningham Jordan and Wife Malinda Pittman
Jordan Children Leona Lee Jordan and Clifford Otto Brown Treva Bandy Jordan, Ellen Bandy, Wanda Uldene Jordan, Elva Irene Jordan
Treva Louise Bandy about 1913 Henry Scott, Treva Bandy Jordan, Marvin Harold Jordan, Luther Walter Wilcox John Franklin Bandy
      Ellen Lee Claycomb                  (Wife of John Franklin Bandy)    










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