USA today = titanic legacy ?

WE deal with a huge problem, right now - in USA ...
= occultistyk cults resurected ancient nabu & nairf , by usin' akhenaton "cult o' makers" member
akhenaton & ' pharaoh mother Tiye / Tiya ...
- anyway, by clonin' , it looks like ' did that awfull ancestral sin , once again ...
" it made 'em to build an icon to da face o' da beast " - johan de apostate apokalipsys says ?
= hmmm...

obamakhenaton :

look, i propose ... a toast - no, i mean...
= a psichanalasys of... "analyse this" 3 ...
- i unders'stand freud was a monster enough ' to fuck his mother , in line to "tell da story",
psichynalitikally speakin', to da disciples ...
but , is that a reason enough ' for da post-freudyan akhenaton ... to become a oedip ? ...

& ... news 'bout re-incarnatyons :
( same, but .doc )
= ' located nefertiti contemporary avatar ...

yo ! = stop (mind-)game !

... back in da days ...

a catastrophyk' event happened ... on de open' ocean .

Titanic :
" The British ship RMS Titanic sank at 2.20 AM on April 15th 1912, having collided with the
iceberg just before midnight on April 14th. At 12.15 AM, one of the S.O.S calls from the
Titanic reached its sister ship, the Olympic. The calls for help were heard by many ships but
the closest ship, the Carpathia, was 4 hours away from the sinking Titanic. Titanic sank 2
hours before the Carpathia arrived to rescue survivors. Some survivors died of hypothermia
shortly after they were recovered. The Carpathia arrived at New York on the April 18, 1912. "

= "smells like ... atlantys" ... = what ley-line crosses on those coordinates ?
a ' ... "dragon" ley-line ?

dr. robert ballard :
( wow ! = i got it from "first strike" ! = ballards involved in titanic affair ?!!!??
= sorry ... balliol-s ... france ... = merovingyan branch ?
- & ... i got it from australia, just like that newspaper ' wrote 'bout jfk
assassinatyon BEFORE it ever happened ... )

robert ballard - titanic , in google :

Conspiracy-theory ?

= as far as i knoe, here's a deeper step on da stairs o' disinfo :
in fact, 'ey 've been searchin' for da gold-charge on da titanic ... but,
once again, da nazis got one step ahead ... & found it durin' ww2 ...
" One group of the S.S. called Knights of Poseidon volunteered themselves for castration,
in an experiment to change them back to the supermen of the mythical and magical Hyperborea."
" The Legacy of The Gods - Robert Charroux
the ordensburger
This secret order had, of course, no connection with the real Teutonic Order,
which still exists in Portugal and the Netherlands. Under the name of the
Knights of Poseidon (still the ideas of knighthood and the western ocean of
Atlantis), it has devoted itself to underseas adventure, and is surely in
comunication with the THule Group. It has been said the Knights of Poseidon
reprenst the temporal power of the German secret army, while the Thule Group is
its spiritual power. This may be true. "
" (...) The high-ranking freemason Jacques-Yves Cousteau said in an interview to The UNESCO
Courier ( ...) " = does it matter, anymo' ?...

Robert Charroux - knights of poseidon , in google :
( 's in french , though ... = but , YOU knoe : scroll copy paste & translate this page )
( same actyon, ok ? ...)
" Le groupe des Chevaliers de Posťidon oý officient des plongeurs de la plus haute classe,
est la principale section des activistes du Groupe Thulť." = translation
"da group of knights of poseidon , which graduated of da highest degree /class , is da
principal sectyon of de activityes of da thule group."

& that might be 'how" da nazis got da titanic gold ...

' related ?

Maybe , that 's a "hidden" proof ?
= da team ' found titanic ' was sent to get da "titanic gold" sunken in Lake Toplitz ?

but ... let' s not loose ' in da labirynth
let' s move further ...
titanic - mummy , in google :
= bam ! - WE got a picture & a name :
"The name of the evil priestess of god amen-ra was tcheser-ka-ra (...)"
... no, there was no mummy ... ' was a clone ... ok ?
william t. stead ? ... ok ...

fred seward , in google :
" Posted on Monday, February 17, 2003 - 10:57 pm:
It gets a bit dicey, so I will just quote from Katherine's letter on geneology " My
Grandfather's father was the 3rd child of William H. Seward's brother George (born 4/16/1838
-died 2/22/1916) Titanic's Frederic (spelled without the final k) was then the son of Samuel
Seward whose father George was William H.'s brother. Titanic Fred was then the great-nephew of
William H. who was indeed nearly killed by an assassination attempt on the same night Lincoln
was shot- wow- you could not WRITE this stuff! Actually Inger-
I think the veil is thin and our psychic powers are on overdrive tonight! Must be the
blizzard "

= WE got names !...

titanic - black buddha statue , in google :

& molly brown ...

so, WE noe knoe 'bout da mummy & da black buddha ( in fact, kali ...) statuette on board o'
titanic ...

= it is said that a "black buddha" ( WE just got 't was a "black kali") statuette was locked
in da captain o' titanic safe ...

' together ' egiptyan amon mummy & black kali statuette = ' not nice , at all ...

william t. stead , fred k.seward, molly brown = that' s a "tr3-b" ...

now, let' s take a look at da captain o' titanic :
" where is may snair ? ... i got no snair in my headphones ..."
= " where 's my "nairf" ?... "

easy, step by step ...
william t. stead - freemason(ry) , in google :
( the original link 's broken ...)
" 1892 - Founding of the Round Table secret society by Cecil Rhodes and W.T. Stead (...)
William Thomas Stead (1849-1912) British journalist. Editor of The Pall Mall Gazette.
Friend of Annie Besant. Asked her to review the Secret Doctrine, which led to her conversion
to Theosophy. Co-founder with Cecil Rhodes of the Round Table secret society. "
= ' involved in "new-age" movements , definitelly ...

fred k. seward - freemason(ry) , in google :
"member of glee club"
glee club - freemasonry , in google :

molly brown - freemason(ry) , in google :
" Despite the controversy, Grissom was given the task of choosing a nickname for his next
flight on the Gemini III. He couldn't resist teasing the bosses who had been circulating rumors
about his courage. From the NASA biography:
The Broadway musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown provided him with a source of inspiration.
With the loss of Liberty Bell still on his mind, Gus decided to poke fun at the whole incident.
Molly Brown had been strong, reliable and most importantly, unsinkable. It was a perfect name
for Liberty Bell's successor. However, some of Grissom's bosses insisted that he choose a more
respectable name. Gus replied, "How about the Titanic?" It was clear that Grissom was not
going to back down on this one. Given a choice of Molly Brown or Titanic, disgruntled
officials backed off. Without further ado, Gemini-Titan 3 became known as Molly Brown.
Molly Brown was Margaret Brown, a surivor of the Titanic who became a fixture on the social
scene in Denver. And where did Barack Obama's coronation as the Democratic nominee take place?
Denver. "
= if ' her not, ' husband definitely mason ...
" Following facts I will present
Cardinal Stampfle ghost-written Hitler's MEIN KAMPF
Captain Edward John Smith got orders handed by Francis M Browne who answered to Black Pope
Francis Xavier Wenz which ordered Captain Edward John Smith to sink the Titanic and guess what,
when Titanic went into the ice fields,the warning was ignored,when she was sinking white
flares were used instead of red,I believe the Titanic was used as a deathship."

francis m browne , in google :

edward john smith - francis m bourne , in google :

francis patrick mary browne - freemason(ry) , in google :
= nothin' ... but ...
jesuits - freemasonry, in google :

black pope francis xavier wenz , in google :
( = good news ! )</P><HR><BR><P> <BR> franz xavier wernz , in google :<BR> <A HREF=

franz xavier wernz - francis browne , in google :

tcheser-ka-ra , in google :
(this web-site? ... again ?...)
but ...
( page 11 = da mummy on da titanic was hatshepsut ' grandmother , queen aah-hetep, wife o'
se-quenen-ra / seqenenre ? = which those 2 masons identifyed with ... hiram-abif ?
tcheser-ka-ra was ... "h.e.r." son , while "she" looks to me ' just like da queen o'
england = ' NEVER DIES , ONCE & FOREVER ?!!!??...)

aah-hetep, in google :
( oooh ... da witch "borrowed" da name o' an ancient egiptyan god .. ah-hah ...)
" Aah-hetep, Queen, the parentage of Aat-shet, Queen, scarab of Aba^ the Egyptian name
for a draughts-man Amen, the army of, at the battle of Qedesh (...) "
" Aah-hetep, a royal mother, I. 117. A ah - hetep , daughter of Ailhmes Nefert - ari, I. 109.
Aah-hetep, wife of Seqe- nen-Ra I, I. 102. Aah-hetep, wife of (...)"

hatshepsut :

nitocris :

nitocris = cca.2200 b.o.e. / 2183 - 2181 b.o.e.
hatshepsut = cca. 1479 - cca. 1458 b.o.e.
akhenaton ( + tiye, kiye, nefertiti) = 1379 - 1362 b.o.e. (b.o.e. = before our era)

george andrew reisner - nitocris - aah hotep :

hatshepsut - luxor :

hatshepsut reincarnation(s) :

aah-hotep reincaranation(s) :
= nothin' ...

nitocris reincarnation(s) :'s_Wife_of_Amun

Did YOU ever figure out ' WE gotta start ' all over , again ?...
- watch this :
= hah ?... = oh, no, that 's anotha story ... but, still, strange coincidence, ain' t ' ? ...

= "what the fuck ' he tryin' to say ?" - YOU ask ...

= let' s get ' to 9/11 ...
( maybe, 'eyr "god" ... nyarlat' , while "it" was there .. as da "first supersonyk plane"
pilot & ... "edgar rothschild fouche" - bearded imbecyl WIO revealed US ... = supervysor )
( WE are not alone !...)

titanic vs wtc = water vs. fire ?
= WE need a firemen-team, here !...

by da way , let' s have a break (& a tic-tac, if YOU wish ...) :
do YOU knoe why did titanic sink, in de end ?
- watcha = david copperfield, da illusioner, was on-board o' titanic, obviously knowin' what
was goin' to happen ... he was gettin' a show & , 'bout 2:20 in da night , he asked everybody
to keep quiet & told 'em all : "look, people, i'm gonna put this table in da middle o' this
huge festivity-room & , when i'm gonna hit it with my hard dick , titanic 's gonna sink !" -
everybody huge-laughs , rumours ... meanwhile, david arranged da table , prepared da scene ,
got one step in da back & bam ! - 'hit da table with his hard-dick ! ... - da shit began to
happen & everybody panicked & "AAAAAAA !!!" & , right in da middle o' da general madness &
chaos , da captain o' titanic appeared "bam!" -hittin' da door with a kick & yeald :
"QUIET !" = & , while da general silence ... he asked, arrageous : "who da fuck & what his
mother' s dead ancestors anybody did ?!? 'cause, we just succeeded to avoid de iceberg !"

= ok, enough jokin' ...

= lots of human sacrifyce' , both epysodes ...
' involvin' occultistyk' rytuals ...
= come on , i ain' t gonna insult YOUR intelligence , anymore ... = ha,ha,ha ? - sorry, i
just couldn' t help it ... ' hate me, if YOU want ...

& ...
= look, 's in romanyan , but YOU can get this translated ... = YOU knoe, by now ...
get da "Coborind pe-o raza" phragment ... in english

= i meant this :
' back then ' titanic "accident", a mega-rytual ' wtc-like rytual happened ... usin' a
"black-kali" statuette , lots o' sacrificyal victyms ...
' to "ressurect" hatshepsut ' grandmother ... a boo-hoo-hoo sorceress o' amon ...

= since WE knoe nefertiti 's out o' da "family pic" , michelle obama 's tiye & barrack
obama 's akhenaton , what can WE put "kiya" signature o' ?...
1) might imagine a scarlett johansson - nitocris - kiya - aah-hetep (grandmotha o' hatshepsut)
"re-incarnatyon line" (so to speak) , o' just part o' those names involved in da "schemna" ?
2) o', maybe not ? ...
= anyway, definitelly 'got to do with da cult o' nabu & nairf (tashmit), as a"facade" to da
cult o' nyarlat' & shub-niggurath ...

lilith - shub niggurath :

lilith -yidhra :

shub niggurath - yidhra :

yidhra - madam Yi :

kali decapitation :
" 'till da killin' ain' t prove / i ain' t go rest !!!..."
= WE can' t afford to die , yet ! - WE 're still IMMORTALLICYOUS ...

titanic - yidhra :

YOU can read ' ANANDA BOSMAN said :
"Omega Point Ptah, who acted as a back-up assistent to my Emmanuel

education, and who has appeared physically to me, including in SION in 1992,

relates that he is one who is drawing this True Grail alchemy into place. I

found it curious that when I mentioned to my colleague Dan Winter that on my

grandfathers side (from my mothers lineage), 200 years ago they were the

Monnet family, which came from the Rennes Le Chateau region of SION

document fame. His reaction of surprise was then iterated that I could use that

'for better or for worse' ( I naturally stated I prefer the middle). And

then he likened my characteristics to the Plantard de Sinclair, present

grand master of Priory de SION (which I took as a mild, but humourous insult,

since I find him quite 'unhandsome'. The descendency, I was told by my

mother went via Monnet de Blanchefort [which I did not take seriously enough

at the time, thinking that the name was only that of a Castle near Rennes

les Chateau. Now it has revealed to be the base of the Vorexijah, 8-fold

code, laid out in the Zodiac landscape there, and in the SION document and

more]. Now having researched this recently, there is actually a clear

cartography of Monnet de Blanchefort, and it goes back to the Grand Master of

the Sion Order and the Templars, Bertrand de Blanchefort. It was Marie

Hautpoul de Blanchefort who made the very SION document that now actually

reveals the 8-folded Vortexijah symmetry, [so far only presented at the Paris

seminar, where Falcanelli's books were edited. Addition Nov]. Blanchefort,

the White Stone and White Fortress of alchemy, this alchemical aspect will

be presented in a later posting. In the Heraldry foundations of France,

the lineage maps from Bertrand de Blanchefort, 4th Templar and Sion Order

Grand Master, go directly back to Meruvingian King Dagobert II, who was

assassinated on December 23rd at Stenay, his skull opened at the Pineal point,

in Tibetan Buddhist MeruSheba style, who then of course goes back the

Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene (see Grail Zine 14). Some of you must

be saying "you must be Nuts to relate this in association with this book".

Not mad, just to balance the specialness that is usually associated to

such information, and also to show that there is a Midway perspective herein,

where the Grail is for All. It turned out, humoursly, that Dan also was of

this lineage, since he was a Sinclair (StClair) some generations back.

Hence, many of us have incarnated in these gene pools, outside of the

hierarchy, to transmute, relinquish, and redeem the Grail back to the Universal

Grail for all, as All Is God. This is the Alchemy of Compassion. From a

dreamboard perspective it is why Omega Point Ptah chose contact, because we

fitted a Grail none-spelled into the hierachy of secrecy, linke in lineage

without being initiated into these societies. That later criteria is an

essential part of the Sons and Daughter of All-Oneness requirement for

contact and providing the highest initiations of the Universal Grail N secrey

prevents their contact (please remember this and make steps in being a Cup

that Overfloweth, to make amends to this, if Universe Grail Unity is of

interest to you: "the secret is to give away the secret." That is conscious

All Is God Compassion in action, the Image of Unity incorruptable, like a

Diamond, Uncuttable in its IMperishable perfection of IMManu.

Another note, Springmeier mentions that Alice Astor was one of the first

to enter King Tutankamon's tomb, when in actuality Howard Carter, the

discoverer, was sponsorred by Baron Lord Carnarvon, who had married De

Rothschilde's daughter, Almina De Rothschilde, and it was their daughter Evelyn

who was the first to go into King Tut's tomb, when they went in illegally

during the night, before the Egyptian Antiquity authorities came for their

first inspection (some objects of the tomb were also then taken). It is

entirely possible that Evelyn and Carter did some form of rituals together

that night, Evelyn had taken an avid interest in Carter, despite family

position dispositions in caste et al. After this night, Carnarvon and Carter

broke out in avid disputes and fights, partially due to international

pressure, but also, many have pointed out, due to Carters close relationship to

Evyln. The Baron bannished Carter from his house, but then broke ill (he

had already been in bad health when coming to Egypt that November 23, 1922,

and probably the radioactive red mercury in Tut's tomb had weakened his

immune system, so the mosquito bite and shaving wound had gotten the better

of him (let alone what he may have been involved in within the possible

rituals with his daughter that secret night November 26-27th [there are

indications that there were others with them, at least thats the heresay,

which is possible for the afternoon of the 26th]). Carter and Baron Carnarvon

reconcilled, and shortly after the Baron died (this has been called the

curse of the Mummy by many). Evelyn's mother was a Rothschilde, and after

the episode in Egypt she, Almina, forbade the mention of the word Egypt (due

to numerous reasons). Perhaps she felt that the magick done in Tuts tomb

had backfired on them in the events that had transpired. This may well have

been an Amen Preisthood reverse causality resonant download, in the time

and space gene maping history hologramme. Murial Astor believed herself to

be a reincarnation of an 18th dynasty Preistess and a major disciple of

Akenaton. There is also that curious coding in the Titanic story to do with

the Daughter of Amen Ra, in which one of the major Astor's allowed

themselves to die in (see the related GNN) "

& , my answer to HIM :
" But, what really worryes me right now (18th 0' june 2007 - does 't matter ' timin' ?) 's what
your part/role 'n all these events :

I think ' da "merovingyan" image - "unhandsome", as you expressed - 's just da dekoy, 'nd
"they"/"h.i.m." ' gonna try to use YOU, one way o' anotha, 'n da whole schemna.

Please ' be carefull, my dear friend, 'nd continue to be yourself...

'Nd, ' take care who you deal with, OK ?

I' m glad ' your friendship with Mantak Chia. He' s a very spirytual human bein', 'nd he' s
one o' my spirytual masters, ' as Nicolae Iorga, Nae Ionescu, Mircea Eliade 'nd Ioan Petru
Culianu ( all ' 4 ' romanyans = da quadrature o' da circle ' got' be resolved, ain' t it ? )

'Nd, just keep 'n mind that, acordin' to Roger Kerr, da 2 000 time gate ' got sealed, 'nd he
said ' basikally ' 2012 ' not'in' gonna happen. "

muriel astor :
" In summary, an examination of the Astor family reveals their close connections with the
full spectrum of Illuminati activities ranging from Freemasonry, the Illuminati itself, the
Pilgrim Society, the Round Tables, Communism, Fabian Socialism, CFR, RIIA. the Bilderbergers,
as well as the various politically (that is Illuminati) tainted banks such as Chase Manhattan.
Ava Alice Muriel Astor was an occultist. She was born in 1902, was pretty but also a very
serious woman. She was a very strong willed person that was able to dominate a person in her
presence unless they were also strong willed. She was into Egyptian magic and believed she was
the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and a disciple of Ikhnaton. Alice Astor may have been
one of the first people to enter King Tutís tomb, where she got herself a necklace. Aldous
Huxley wrote Brave New World as a picture of things that were to come --most people think as a
expose, but it was really more as a plan or blueprint Aldous Huxley and Alice did a great deal
of occult things together. Their financial power is unchecked. Myers and others have noted the
Astors are above the law. The Top 13 families donít obey the law--they are the law. The Astors
may have Illuminati Kings and Princes in their ranks, they may have dozens of billions of
assets, yet it will all be nothing when they face their Creator at judgment. "

... GOD, i'm sorry for Ananda Bosman ...
= but, then again, a conspiracy within' da conspiracy ... blows my mind off ..

astor - titanic :
- so ... ava alice muriel astor was NOT john jacob astor ' daughter ... but ,
" reportedly was the child of an affair Ava Astor had with a New York society figure
surnamed Hatch " , called by other sources a new york socialite ...


let' s get back to an older problem :
( ' in french, but YOU knoe : "tanslate this page" stuff...)

house of yahweh - cia, in google :

house of yahweh - mossad :

house of yahweh - posse comitatus - mossad , in google :
( = "bad stimulatyon..." = snap )

= got worst ... , in da mean-while...

posse comitatus - mossad , in google :
( a must-read web-site, definitely !...)
( = a definitely "must read" web-site ! )
, while in
YOU can read :
"cia, mossad infiltrated muslim organisations" , as a title ...

nation of islam - cia , in google :

fa lun gong - cia :

fa lun gong - mossad :

li hongzhi - chiao, in google :
( definitely, a chiao & a katsa = jewish ethnyk naturalysed in china & mossad "field
rat"... ' just like yisarayl hawkins ... )

new age - cia :‚€œnew-age-movement‚€Ě-a-cia-mind-control-creation/

new age - mossad :
... & , look how it's done, "on da field" ...
= hmmm ... & bam !

cia - sects :

mossad sects :

Crofts 're not ... addams :
= i' m sorry ...
(same, but ... in word)

durin' december 1999, a feminyne appearance in hawaii ' hold for few moments ...
= DELTA GREEN ' investigated .

Durin' 2007, a romanyan writer ' radu cinamar ( who' s supposed to be "da voice" o' an
occultistyk group ) claimed to 've met a goddess named machandi, somewhere in Tibet ...
then, da goddess manifested on da Godeanu top-mountain ...
( i don' t knoe if YOU can get a "translate this page" from romanyan....)
" There are specific references for a [woman] which is supported
by [embodiment (of) female] who will be coming to [visibility]
over the course of Summer and Fall, with many associations with
[whistleblowers]. This [woman] has supporting aspects for
[spirituality] and [reaching (for) enlightenment]. She is described
in the data sets with a primary supporting aspect/attribute of
[scars], which are [painted broadly/covering] some portion of her
body. These [scars] are a very central descriptor for the [woman]
at least in terms of how she is viewed by herself and her
[family/extended family]. This personality is described as
[bringing] or [carrying forward] a [sacrifice] that is described as
[activity] (and which is cross linked to her [scars]), or perhaps a
[performance] designed to [foment/excite] the [tribe] toward
[exposure]. This [woman] further has supporting sets for
[past/old] associations with [attacks (by) TPTB], and [evil spirits/beings]. She is further described as gaining a [visibility]
that will be quite [shocking] to both the [woman] involved, and
her very large [tribal collective/extended family]. Further the
[exposure] that the [woman/female personality] will bring to the
[contact] meme will involve direct [participation] by some
persons in the [russian state government], as well as [NASA].
This area *might* be describing 1/one of our forecast
[whistleblowers], or a person involved in their [promotion]. The
[visibility] of the [female personality] over summer will come
about due to her [russian heritage/roots/lineage] and *seeming* a
[past/previous incarceration]. Her [scars] are *not* associated
with the [incarceration] sub set. These are apparently from her
[youth], and include some [trauma] associated with
[strawberries]. Hmmmmmm. The [incarceration] sub set includes
such institutions as [local jails], and [national state prisons], as
well as [mental institutions]. This last *may* be the actual focus
of her [incarceration] as there are some extensive cross links to
the [canadian (mental) health care system], as well as [nursing] as
an [occupation]. This [female personality] has many cross links
over to the GlobalPop entity, where many of these also end in
areas which are geographically linked to either [canada] or
[russia]. The [russia] sub set contains some small sub set for
[urals (mountains)]."
& on, & on ... = wow ?

' Remember Ted Serious ?

= i'm dead' serioux ...
( have YOU ever figure ' such kinda ... combinatyon ?...)








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