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I Watched You Grow


I Watched You Grow 

Patches Rose 

I watched you grow from a lost young boy

To a Wonderful giving and loving man

You came from the streets broken and weak

In time you grew strong and healed


Mistakes, we've all made

I watched you own up and take whatever came

You worked through the prices to be paid

And made things right


I watched you grow from child to young adult

Young adult to loving husband

To a sharing and giving father

Now, your time has come for you to go, Home

I shall miss your flesh and grieve

But, Rejoice! 

For you shall be soaring high above me, watching me grow

Being Free to Live Eternally

Your spirit touching my heart, and all you've loved and who loved you

Living within us Forever


I watched you grow

Now, I need to let you go

Your spirit shall continue to be

In your children and your children's children


Go in peace to your Father's Home

Know you are loved and forgiven

I will see you when I get there


Blessed Be, it's time for you to go

I Love you my "Little brother, my Son, my Friend"

I watched you grow

Now I watch you go


"Peace I leave with you

My peace I give unto you"

     John 14:27



Chief John William Zimmerman

D.O.B. June 29, 1964

Moved on : August 23, 2006




By : Patches Rose

 June 20, 2006

Page Created : Pam Gallo

Midi : Proud to Be an American





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