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Very Valuable Valentines


Very Valuable Valentines

Joyce C. Lock

Some Precious Little Valentine Gems


Matters of the Heart

When your heart aches for something
Most precious to your life,
God has placed that heartache -
As He grieves in your strife.

When your heart aches for something,
God wants that for you, too.
For, He sent His Spirit,
Who resideth in you.

When your heart aches for something,
It's time for a fresh start;
As He forever cares
In matters of the heart.

by Joyce C. Lock

Proverbs 4:23
I John 3:21-22, 24
Early Valentine

I'm making my valentine early,

And sending it out quick,

So you'll pick me first

To be your Valentine Girl.
by Joyce C. Lock

Be Mine & I'll Be Yours
Sweetheart, Honey,
Sugardumplin', Valentine
by Joyce C. Lock
Valentine Bunny
Every Bunny Needs
a Valentine. . . 
Can I be Yours?


by Joyce C. Lock




Get the Facts Straight
Roses are Yellow.
Violets are Purple.
Get the Facts Straight.
I like You, Quadruple!
Happy Valentine's Day!
by Joyce C. Lock

Hopping Down the Road
If I were a frog,
Would you be my toad?
We could be Valentines
While hopping down the road.
by Joyce C. Lock


How About You?

Roses are Red.

Violets are Blue,

Says everyone else.

Now, How about you?

by Joyce C. Lock



I Like You
Valentine's are Red.
The Sky is Blue.
Hurry up and ask Me out
'Cause I like You!
by Joyce C. Lock



Looking for a Valentine

Envy is Green.
My Heart is Blue,
While looking for a Valentine ...
I'm hoping it's YOU!
by Joyce C. Lock

Roses are Red

Unless, of course, they're not.

Violets are Blue

If you're color blind.

Sugar is Sweet

Though, Sweet-n-low has less calories.

And then there's you

Love at first sight.

by Joyce C. Lock




Happy Valentine's Day

Sugar is Sweet.
Honey Is Nice.
Getting Email From You
Is Like Being Blessed Twice!


by Joyce C. Lock
are for
Special People
Like YOU!

by Joyce C. Lock



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