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Love On the Nile





I could only stay awhile,

But I need You to Know.

It's Only Your Love, 

that makes my heart smile.

Even though I had to Go.

And though We're apart,

You still Own My heart.

This I need to say.

Though Miles away, 

We share One moon.

I count each star above.

Til' Our time will come,

When we Are again One.

My Darling, My Only, My Love.

If Only I could Stay awhile

Just a few more Moments with you.

Renew Our Pledge of forever

Of the Love We found on the Nile.

So Tonight

when we count the stars in the sky

And We Make Our Wish on the Moon...

Think of the Love We Found on the Nile

Of Our  together...forever, Very Soon.







Sarah McLaughlin :


"J" & "H"

All Graphics By LaLuna




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