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To My Friends



To My Friends

 Greg Watkins


So many great times,

this goes out to

" My Friends"

sending you all a message.

My memories are precious.

As we have gotten older

 and go our separate ways,

moving here and moving there,

 hope you all  know I care.

To my friends,

I miss you all very much,

hard to stay in touch.

Time has come to settle down, 

don't worry theirs no frown. 

Remember the good times, 

even with the bumps and bruises

from our football games.

And the times we were boozin'

out on the town,

sure were clowns,

laughing and flirting with the girls, 

going to the beach was a treat,

to my friends, 

we had a ball.

To my friends I hope the best for you all.

Want you to know I'm doing good like I should 

even though we are apart

 you all will always be in my heart.

I'm doing things right now

 and on the prowl,

 looking for a doll.

To my friends, 

just want to tell ,

 I'm doing well.

Times of cooking steaks, 

boy what a smell,

Sunday morning rolls around, 

we could hear that bell, 

the weekend went fast, 

we had a blast.

To my friends,

I miss you all, 

we had a ball . 

Storms come and go throughout  our life,

it's time for me to find a wonderful wife. 

To my friends, 

don't worry about me,

I want you to agree. 

To my friends 

always take care,

 make time to spare, 

remember the great times we all had,

 even when we were mad

 So be glad and not sad

we are from being done, 

theirs many more years

to have some fun,

 this goes out to My Friends




By: Greg Watkins



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