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Mary Carter Mizrany

Throughout life's tragedies & trials,
empty places left to fill . . .
questions with no easy answers,
ever~seeking, Lord, your will ~

Struggles find me heavy~laden,
burdens like a stone~filled sack . . .
thought I left them at your altar,
why this weight upon my back? ~

"Casting all your cares upon me",
hear I, my precious Saviour say, . . .
why bear this load a moment longer
when all I need do is obey? ~

Depression rocking me aslumber,
Morpheus sweeping over me . . .
consciousness becomes unconscious
my spirit, Lord, let rest with Thee ~

For with Thee, in sleep, I find
nought my aching heart can rend . . .
the sack of sorrows shall be dispersed
by faith in You, my Saviour, Friend ~

And, when upon awakening, Lord,
remind me of your perfect will . . .
that cares upon Thee I have cast,
awake or asleep are WITH THEE STILL!



Mary Carter Mizrany
August 7, 2006


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