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Spurnin -n -Burnin

Dusty Ole Jim

On that harsh day
when I felt blue.
The tales they told
it seems were really true.

You left me there
and you were gone.
With a new love taggin along
Helpin you with my bridge to burn.

I waited long for your return.
When you didn't come back
like I hoped you would.
I felt my heart continue to yearn.

As I await you here
its been so very long.
I have begun to fear
I'll never again hold you near.

But dad burn it.. wait a second ...

Maybe I'm being rebated ...
And I'm becoming a bit elated.

Cause now its for sure
the tales I no longer endure.

Over the time my love has faded.
You have become a woman jaded.
He dumped you when he was sated.
To start a new flame.. now you're negated.

As you ask can I return .
I'm thankful now its my turn .
To snub you and your concerns .
As in your hell you start to burn .






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