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To The Soldiers


To The Soldiers

Greg Watkins

To the soldiers always standing tall

 through it all

 up before sunrise doing your job

 even as the night falls. 

The country is proud always stay strong, 

you do belong.

Know in your heart

 your doing what's right,

 keeping the freedom, 

remember red white and blue, 

and stars and stripes 

To the soldiers 

always on their guard

 with much accord.

Do your best and stay on your toes,

because you never know.

In the distance their is resistance, 

continue to be persistent. 

You know what happened on Sept.11 

that's not bravery.

So lace up those boots 

and remember your loved from abroad. 

To the soldiers

 all the sisters and brothers, 

mothers and fathers

we all send you love and letters.

We have your pictures 

really do miss ya's .

Maybe a time you can pick up the phone, 

to call home.

So stay strong 

your doing what's right.

We tried being polite.

To the soldiers 

not much longer, 

we are stronger, 

keep up the good fight.

And remember those flights, 

all the world could see

 the towers crumble into debris ;

so many lives lost that day New York, Pa., and DC.

So much pain

and we will remember all the names.

 To the soldiers 

always standing tall through it all .

Up before sunrise doing  your job,

even as night falls.

The country is proud

 always staying strong,

 you do belong.

Know in your heart

your doing right.

Keeping the freedom,

Remember red, white and blue

 and the stars and stripes.


By : Greg Watkins


Page Created : Pam Gallo




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