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Debi Fisher


You know how much

I dislike winter and the snow

So I needed something

To make it go


I tried the sun dance

And then a prayer

Even tried

To de-ice the stair


I went to sleep

Dreaming of the sun

And when I awoke in the morning

I told everyone

I looked out the window

And what to my surprise

Was a snowman creating

His own ,just his size


He rolled the bottom snow

And made it oh so right

And then he added the middle

And an apron oh so bright


Then he rolled the top

And added something oh so teeny

It was a pink lacy  top of a bikini


The kids in the neighborhood

Just stared at him in glee

For he added happiness

Just for you and me


Written by Debi Fisher



Page Created : Pam Gallo

Midi : Frosty the Snowman




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