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About SSGT Richard G. Lamphere

Debi Fisher

Here stands a young man

Who is about to serve

From his duty

He will not swerve


He left on a Tuesday

At 3 in the afternoon

For his family

It was too soon


But they understood

And would not sway

As Richard left

To defend U S of A


Mom tried not to cry

But was hard to hold in

Richard understood

And said crying's no sin


We have his back

He has our heart

As a new adventure

Richard was about to start


Now just 'cause he went

Doesn't mean you can forget

A letter or card

Would be your best bet


A prayer to the Lord

While he's away

Pray that He keeps them

Safe by both night and by day


Remember  all the enlisted

As they fight the war

And remember what it is

That they are over there for


I stand so proudly

And every time I'll salute

Hooray  for our enlisted

This point is not moot




Written by Debi Fisher



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