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Opening Day  


Opening Day

Greg Watkins


It's 4am.

I can smell the coffee and breakfast to, 

getting bundled up it's opening day.

It's cold out there, looking to get a big buck.

Almost there, look out Deer parking my truck. 

On my trail with my gear, 

gun in hand nothing to fear. 

Behind my blind,

 here I sit at the edge of the trees,

my eyes wide open, Opening Day.

I know the way .

 Sunrise , still quiet that's ok,

 I'm patient, that's the trick.

 What do I hear?

 Snapping sticks .

Coming from the brush

I can see some movement from  my blind.

Two doe and a big buck behind.

I make the call and they stop for seconds

make the move I say walk my way.

I want the buck that's standing tall, 

looking thru my scope I count 12 points in all. 

Opening Day he's mine.

Opening day come a little closer,

That's right come to pa pa.

50 yards away

I pulled the trigger.

the big bad buck

 is laying on the ground

 Opening Day. 



By: Greg Watkins


Page Created : Pam Gallo




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