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The Mansion

The Mansion
Sandra Lewis Pringle
I was standing upon a faraway shore,
gazing into the golden sky.
As I walked slowly up the hill,
a massive mansion caught my eye.
Off in the distance, it loomed by a rolling stream,
whose water was flowing peacefully there.
The grass was so shiny; it looked almost like glass,
the flowers. . .so full, the fragrance filled the air.
There was a tree standing near the gate,
whose limbs seemed almost human to touch;
so strong, so sturdy did they grow,
and I loved every wrinkle and knotted gulch.
As I looked upon the entrance,
to the stately mansion's door,
I saw, outside, a decorated nameplate,
and I wondered,
"What lies in store?"
I walked through the ornate doorway,
and stood aghast at what I saw;
For, in each room, a flower grew,
and a flowing fountain,
with water to draw.
I touched the petals of the flowers
and they felt like flesh, so soft;
And, I wondered, if one ever built such a place,
"How much would it cost?"
I strolled throughout each room,
with a lovely overlook,
and I saw upon shelves,
so high and tall,
in mahogany, rows and rows of spaces and books.
Above the window, I saw an engraving,
which read "Wisdom" deep inside;
I felt that this must be the library,
and such a wonderful place to reside.
I walked down and to the outside terrace,
which faced a river, wide and deep,
and I could only stare at its beauty,
a memory,
I wanted to forever keep.
An angel came walking up the hill,
and queried me,
about this mansion so grand;
and then he told me,
that it wasn't complete just yet,
but was still being built,
by the heart and deeds of a man.
Sandra Lewis Pringle
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