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Life's Lessons

Written For

My Girls

Debi Fisher


Sometimes life seems so cheery

And sometimes a little dark

You learn by going through it

And then there are days you park


As  little girls

You had fun playing dolls and house

And there were always spats between

One of you would grouse


As  young girls in school

You tried and did fit in

But there were always those 'other' girls

And with them you couldn't win


Then came the teenage stage

And no one fit in anywhere

I tried to teach you be different

Act like you didn't care


But then you both grew up

And moved out and in together

I knew you'd be all right

Because as sisters there's nothing you can't weather


You'll have a million broken hearts

And the tears will flow like wine

But as a Mom I know

You'll both just be so fine


You just need to find your niche

And I know someday soon you will

But I hope for now when in need

Mom will fit the bill


I will always listen

And try to do my part

For you are my babies, my children

And I love you deep within my heart


I may seem overbearing

Or work overtime to keep you from harm

But I am always here

With open loving arms





Written by Debi Fisher


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