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Vern Nicholson

Once, I thought I could do it all on my own;
Tried very hard, worked my fingers to the bone;
Thought I was tough, a real man, and brave.
But, thru the years, I was only a slave.

Was broken, busted and defeated, that was me.
Then, Christ came to make a man out of me.
I did not understand, like a horse trader was He.
He took my filth and sin, and made a man out of me.

Most horse traders are cheats and some more.
But, Jesus took 'all that sin' to even the score.
So, sinner, you are much of a bargain or price.
Trade yourself to Jesus and never think twice.

He will take all of your sin, trouble and woe.
If off to Jesus, the Savior you go.
What He will give you, in return, is greater, you see.
That is what He did when He traded for me.

There are riches in glory, blessings galore;
Many more things does He have in His store!
My telling is proof, you know it, I guess.
Trade your life to Jesus. He will take the whole mess.

I am living with Jesus on this earth, below.
He is feeding, watering, and blessing, you know.
When He will take me to heaven, the day I don't care.
I am living as though I am already there!

Praise the Lord, a poor horse trader, you see.
He traded His life on Calvary's tree.
He died on the cross for you and for me.
So, come, my friend, and go with me ...

Living in Jesus, eternally.


by (Howard) Vern Nicholson



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