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Days Of Hope

Days Of Hope

Greg Watkins


So many days of hope fill my heart .

Other times, hope is nowhere to be found.

Struggles are hard,

and I've covered a lot of ground.

With daily prayers

 I go even on my knees.

Because Jesus only knows.

 I sit and wonder 

will I make it

 to walk out the door 

as my eyes

 wander out the window. 

Will my dreams come true 

will my skies ever be blue,

 is love and happiness in a distance?

 It's an endless cycle of hope in prison. 

Phone calls and letters, 

pictures taken 

to a heart that's broken.

So much I'm missing .

So much to live for,

continue to be driven, 

reading the good book 

brings hope from prison.

Another day another week, 

time marches on but, 

never fast enough. 

Asking God for forgiveness.

Another month,

birthday wishes 

and holiday memories ,

finally another year's history.

How many more days of hope from prison?


Written By : Greg Watkins

August 5, 2006

Page Created : Pam Gallo





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