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You Just Gotta Have Friends


You Just Gotta Have Friends

Sometimes when I get weary

And my head is spinning round 

Troubles all about me,

And my face just wears a frown.

When I'm ever so tired

Yet no matter, I Can't Sleep.

Work is piling up around me

And I often forget to eat .

Troubles around every corner

Bills I forgot to pay

I wake up in the morning

To face Another day.

Things looking  dark and dismal.

No light at the end of the road.

No Hope when things look hopeless.

I'm too small to carry this load.

It's then it starts to happen.

When I  feel I can't take anymore.

A message , then another

So many I can't ignore.

Loving thoughts and kindness.

Friends reaching out their hand.

Prayers and Love and compassion.

From all across the lands.

How could I think I've walked alone

When you are all by my side.

Lifting me with loving thoughts

Coming from far and wide.

It's those very acts of kindness

That carry me through each day.

It's those unselfish, kind and loving deeds

That will lead me each step of the way.

So, when My heart is weary

And I feel I can't make it through

It's then I will remember

The friend I've found in you.



Made with Love for My Angels,



You've Gotta Have Friends

Bette Midler





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